Do you know where you are going?
Do you know where you have come from?

A strategy is for you and your stakeholders, not a long winded document justifying your business to external parties! Our Gurus will assist you in making positive change within your business.

They will help you formulate a plan or provide feedback on your existing one, a successful plan will contain some or all of these elements;


·         Your business description in a nutshell

·         Your strengths, development areas, potential opportunities, competition, the business environment, current and future legislation

·         The performance of your team and what is required to achieve your goals

·         A strong foundation to start building from

·         Objectives that conform to SMART

Once you have a robust strategy, it feels like you have entered the coordinates of your destination, our Gurus cannot promise smooth sailing, but you will know if you are deviating and going off course!


Do you know who your potential customers are?
Are you targeting a niche or being indiscriminate?

Business Gurus help you to get to know your market and work out any implications for your whole business, not just the sales team.

There are many things to consider such as;

·         Your business description in a nutshell

·         The size of the market

·         Is it growing, stable or in decline?

·         Where are the most valuable prospects?

·         Purchasing habits

Our Gurus will elaborate on many points to consider when devising a plan and can work alongside you to put it into action.


Are you getting the most out of your client base?
Are your competitors gaining market share?

Business Gurus will work with you to see how you can be more competitive.
They will help you identify new revenue streams and also fulfil your current clients’ requirements.

Points to consider when seeking to increase sales can include;

·         Providing the right product at the right price

·         Measuring the success of promotional campaigns

·         Analysing your competition

·         Managing your prospects


Is your team as successful as you would like?
Does your team share the same goals as the business?

Business Gurus can help with HR policies and procedures that apply as well as give practical assistance to the day to day issues that arise. They can help with recruiting, training at all levels and even firing! Assistance, when it comes to your team can be with;

·         Defining job roles and responsibilities

·         Recognising development areas and potential superstars

·         Attracting, motivating, retaining and releasing employees

·         Coordinating goals


Is the technology you use a help or a hindrance?
Can cloud computing benefit your business?

IT has become an essential tool for businesses across many industries. The combination of the Internet, CRM, emails, smartphones, and other high-tech equipment can have a profound impact on daily operations. When it comes to costs, initial implementation of IT can be fairly high, especially if it includes bespoke software and hardware solutions.

Your Business Guru will be able to guide you to decide the best options, considerations include:

·         Outsourcing rather than spending

·         In-House IT Support or through a provider

The consequences due to lack of investment or planning


Is your business operating efficiently?
Are you affected by sickness or holidays?

Your Business Guru is able to perform a processing review, from this they can look to identify where there are opportunities to support or grow areas of your business by using a team of highly dedicated staff at a lower cost. You could benefit from knowledgeable, trained and committed staff, all at reasonable rates to ensure your costs won’t grow as your business does.

  • Admin Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • CAD / BIM requirements
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Careful planning
  • Ongoing training

How do you know if you are succeeding?
What are you comparing yourself to?

Business Gurus can assist you in comparing your performance with your planned performance, competitors and trends in the market.
Very small changes may not seem a lot at first, but they can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Reporting on the areas that affect the profitability of your business is one way of ensuring there are no nasty surprises when it comes to your final accounts.
By having almost instant reports in specific areas will help you see trends and warn you of any concerns before they turn into large losses. Conversely, the reports may highlight new revenue opportunities.


Are you looking for funding to enter a new market?
Are you looking to increase your cash flow?

Whether it is seed capital, a new venture, expansion of your current business or simply new financial processes and support; your local Business Gurus, using their connections, may be able to investigate ways of funding your projects. Access to finance can promote growth through the provision of credit to both new and existing businesses. The lack of financial access limits the range of services and credits. Let your Business Guru use the resources and tools available to assist you in securing funds for projects or even look to secure additional working capital.


Are you ready to grow?
Can you afford to grow?

A Business Guru will be able to work with you to assess the viability of your decision to expand as well as possible routes to do this. It may be that you have surplus resources (staff, stock) that will damage your profitability if you do not utilise it. It may be that new markets have opened up and you would like to take advantage of your flexibility. It may even be the winning of a large contract that propels you into a different league.

They will assist you to investigate whether it is in your best interests to go straight into hiring and purchasing or to look at alternatives that may just protect your business should there be a sudden downturn.

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